Go cotton, be cool!

It’s got it all: versatility, appearance, and natural comfort. It blends well with trends and is at your service all year through. We are talking about a fabric that breathes naturally and pampers your skin. Yes, it’s cotton.

It’s a fiber that weaved a colourful history 7,000 years ago. It may have existed in Egypt as early as 12,000 BC. Fragments of cotton fabrics have been found by archeologists in Mexico 9from 3500 BC), in India (3000 BS), Peru (2500 BC), and in south-western United States (500 BC).

So how come cotton is still cool even when a number o human-made fabrics are being churned out day in and day out? Cotton is lovable for many reasons. It offers natural comfort, easy-care is breathable, absorbent, versatile and fun and fashionable. It comes in many types of too; fade-resistant, stain-resistant, and shrink-resistant. Moreover, it’s a fabric you can wear in summer and winter, it’s comfortable as underwear, sweater, blouse, or even curtains. You can wear in Summer and winter; it’s comfortable as underwear, sweater, bloue, or even curtains. You can wear it at home, to office, gyms, parties, etc.

That’s not all. Althouh many of us go for cotton most often we do not know some interesting, soothing facts about it. May be because once we cuddle up to a warm cotton blanket, its comforting touch is enough for us to forget everything else.

Check out why it is eco-friendly and a healthy choice of people of all ages.

Advantages of Cotton Wear

  • Cotton does not contain any chemicals and therefore is a natural product.
  • Cotton is a renewable resource, and it’s also biodegradable.
  • Cotton makes children less cranky when sweaty (unlike synthetic fibers)
  • For people with seborrheic dermatitis (an excessively dry skin condition), dermatologists always recommend wearing 100 percent cotton clothes for maximum comfort and minimum skin irritation.
  • Unlike synthetics, cotton has superior absorbency and a naturally textured surface that makes it an effective cleanser. Because the fiber can withstand high temperatures, it can be sterilized.
  • Human-made fabrics don’t provide the same ventilation that natural fibers do. Because fungi flourish in dark, moist environments, constrictive, synthetic garments can create an ideal habitat for yeast to multiply. All-cotton undergarments permit air to circulate below the waist. Due to its unique fiber structure, cotton breathes and helps remove body moisture by absorbing it and wicking it away from the skin.
  • The fungus that causes athlete’s foot infection incubates best in a dark, moist environment, so the most important thing is to keep the foot dry. Bulky synthetic socks contribute to feet perspiring more creating the ideal state for fungi to thrive. Nylon and rayon prevent evaporation. Cotton actually absorbs wetness within the structure of the fiber. Water is drawn up through the interior of the fiber, between its various layers or walls.
  • Cotton tends not to be affected by sunlight so it can be used for curtains, tents and tarpaulins that receive lots of exposure to the sun.
  • Cotton can be easily blended with other fibers such as synthetics like polyester.
  • Cotton can be given a coating or a finish to be used in products like heat-resistant fire fighting uniforms.
  • Cotton can be easily dyed various colors because of its highly absorbent property.
  • Cotton is strong and durable with a high tensile strength. As an ideal fabric to launder, cotton is 30 percent stronger when wet, will withstand repeated washings in the hottest water and is free of statis electricity which cause fabrics to cling and soil easily. Cotton fibers also accept the fastest dyes, providing you with vibrant, colorfast yarns.
  • Cotton fiber has soft natural tips from where it is harvested from the seed boll giving a smooth sensual hand, unlike consistent length synthetics that have circular cut edges from being chopped to specific fiber length.
  • Cotton is great for everyday wear. It can be cleansed easily and is incredibly comfortable. Cotton looks good and it is simply wash and wear.
  • Cotton is a wearable ancient fiber. It has great benefits such as good strength, good abrasion resistance, absorbs moisture quickly and dries quickly it is the perfect fiber for any season!

When it comes to good looks, can any other outfit beat the grace and dignity of cotton saree? What do you say?

What do you think?

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