G R A T I T U D E a wonderful, life-changing emotion. A grateful appreciation for what we have been blessed with. 

Importance of Gratitude

If we express gratitude regularly, we start to think and see the positivities in life. When one starts expressing gratitude, their perspective and attitude towards life will change.  

People who are appreciative and thankful are happy, healthy and strong. Blessed with good relationships and are more productive and successful. This is the power of gratitude.

1. Keep a gratitude journal and add your blessings to it daily. Feel the gratefulness, write wholeheartedly.

2. Appreciate all the best gifts Universe has given to us like 

  • Air we breathe, the abundance of water, uninterrupted power supply, clothes to wear, food to eat a few to mention.
  • One must be thankful for being blessed with a compatible life partner, wonderful children, happy family and true friends, beautiful happy home, good job, bank balance, friendly boss, colleagues, clients etc. Don’t take everything for granted. Express gratitude every now and then.

Benefits of Gratitude are infinite. 

  • Increases our happiness.
    • Improves our physical health and mental strength.
    • Negative patterns of thinking at all levels will be disintegrated.
    • Opens up more channels of goodness in our lives.
    • Increases positive relationships.
    • We experience more energy and vitality.
    • Gives us the potential to face tough times with a better understanding
    • Relishes wonderful experiences 

Effects on our Brain

It is a fact, that repeatedly expressing gratitude will increase Serotonin and Dopamine levels in the brain, makes us healthier and happier all the time. According to scientific research, the Hypothalamus will be activated when we are thankful. A “thank you” eases the pain quickly and also reduces stress, anxiety and depression. It also enhances the quality and duration of good night sleep.

Begin your day by counting your blessings. Jot down all the things in a book you are grateful for (Gratitude Journal). This act of noting all blessings is so powerful which will definitely enhance our attitude of gratitude. Every day we should try to add a few more blessings, at least one more blessing to the list. If we look around, will find many many things, persons, situations to be grateful for. Don’t skip or ignore even the smallest gift of your life. The unconditional love of our pets also matters. Doesn’t it? 

Regularly practising this, transforms our lives exponentially. 

To start with, let us do this regularly for 21 days to make it habitual practice.

Magical Footsteps

A beautiful way of showing the attitude of Gratitude in our footsteps. The more we are thankful, the greater will be the opportunities flooded in our lives. To improve at all levels, to materialize our wishes rapidly and properly, we have to express our gratitude regularly. Usually, we don’t allocate time exclusively to express our gratitude. In the concept of magical footsteps, we should walk 108 steps, just like a mantra. For every step say “Thank You God”, followed by “Thank you Universe”

Thank all the persons, objects, situations, Nature, Mother Earth, Thank your parents, spouse, children, neighbours, all the people working for you, so and so forth. This list goes on to 108 steps. Do this every morning and evening. Say thank you verbally or mentally. No hurry…Take your stride step by step for 108 steps and experience the miracles. Do this with complete awareness and full faith.

Here we are thanking a higher source of energy. So, feel the energy coming into your system when you say “thank you”.

In this way, we are walking towards success, prosperity and abundance, and all the best things in life. We can also visualize the blessings while walking. If we practice this Magical Foot Steps regularly, we stop complaining about others and tough times. We see positive angles in everything. When we express gratitude, there is NO NEGATIVITY in our body, mind, soul. We become DIVINE. 

I started my Magical Footsteps journey 15days ago, experiencing a lot of miracles. to mention a few 1. started working on my dream project, which was a long pending job. 2. Got two more work orders (3-4 months full busy), 3. Relationship with family and friends improved a lot. 4. Getting help from many sources which I never expected. Enjoying a lot doing magical footsteps.

This is my journey. Do share the miracles in your life…

Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah

8 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. Vemuri Gayathri suri says:

    Yes true
    Even iam also practice same steps.
    Miracles with me.
    I jurny alone with in a cab.entair journey i chant majical body can’t stop my cab,the driver seftly droped my daughter’s house at bandar.hole night iam not fear,i belive in majical steps.iwas gratitude on God,Guru and universe.
    In this Lock down period,i was more reach near talk sailently alone with god guru and universe.thanks for everything………….
    Iam a chaild of god,
    Iam connected with God….iam live with talking with universe
    Thank for everything ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Woooow! Great Gayathri garu! Very happy to know the miracle in your Magical foot steps…
      Master’s blessings be with you and your family.

  2. GOVARDHAN says:

    Atma namaste. Wonderful initiative of sharing and service. Supreme God and higher ones blessings be with you all ways in this journey. So be it. Beautifully coloured content with divine love. Let this reach to all the needy seekers . congratulations to you 🙏

    1. Atma Namaste 🙏

      Thank you very much Govardhan garu for your best wishes and blessings.😊🙏

  3. Khyijiyarani says:

    Life changing message for us aunty!
    Thank you so much for this wonderful blog excepting even more positive messages from you!
    Can feel that positive vibe while reading this!
    -keertana sivakumar-

    1. Thank you very much Keertana for your kind words.

  4. Khyijiyarani says:

    Excellent work Aunty….Gonna practice the 108 foot steps today onwards .

    1. Thank you ma. Happy to know that this post inspires you.
      Wish you miraculous magical journey.

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