Is your Heart Ok?

HEART DISEASE….whenever we think of it, we visualize chest pain, excess sweating, choking etc. Not everyone needs to have such clear and accurate symptoms. In some people, other symptoms are often normal, such as jaw pain, shoulder pain, fatigue, swelling of the legs and fast heartbeat. Many of them may be related to other diseases, and we think that they are normal. But it is not advisable to entirely neglect and ignore them as not related to the heart. 

Take care of your heart when it is whispering, before it starts screaming!

Sometimes they are more common than the obvious symptoms of chest pain, which are seen from days and months ago. These need to be examined a little deeper. If you are suffering from normal problems, but if they are associated with heart disease, you should be very careful from getting worse and fatal.


Breathlessness is normal when we do certain activities vigorously. fast and hard things. This is not a big problem. But not always.. Observe what your body is saying, listen to it. Don’t overdo anything. Not only in cases of overweight, obesity, anemia, but many people may also experience breathlessness, which could be related to heart disease. Some people do their daily routine slowly when they experience these symptoms, mistaken these symptoms like tiredness. For example, climbing stairs – which cannot be ignored. Especially, if you are experiencing breathlessness in your daily work, which you were doing easily, do not neglect.

Our breathing and heart pumping capacity are interconnected. If the heart does not pump blood properly, the muscles do not get enough oxygen and lead to breathlessness. If the blood is not circulated and supplied properly to the heart, because of blockages in arteries, this will make the heart to work harder. As a result, the heart muscle becomes thick and hard. Pumping capacity also decreases. The blood in the lungs reaches the heart completely, only when the heart is strong and working properly. Otherwise, some blood remains in the lungs. This gradually accumulates fluids in the lungs and causes breathlessness. Heart valve problems can also be one of the reasons for breathlessness.


Naturally, the heart beats a little faster when walking a little longer or doing difficult things. If you feel a faster heartbeat without specific reasons, it should not be neglected. Do not take it easy, if one has a fast heartbeat when doing easy tasks or relaxing. Various factors contribute to this. Blood leakage in valve problems increases the burden on the heart. This makes the heart beat faster. The functioning of the heart is disturbed by the irregular electrical impulses, which leads to an irregular heartbeat. The heart beats 60-100 times when resting normally. It reaches 160-180 when we run fast, and do very hard things. People with heart diseases and valve problems, experience palpitations, even when they are in rest and relaxing.


This is a symptom of heart disease that is often ignored. In fact, there are many reasons. That is why it is not considered a symptom of heart disease. People think that they have worked hard than normal, that’s why they feel weak or tired. It is normal to feel weak when you work too much, but it is not good, neglecting fatigue or weakness or exhaustion coming up regularly. The heart’s pumping capacity might be decreased, thus does not get enough blood to the muscles. As a result, the supply of oxygen and nutrients decreases. Eventually, blood vessels that transmit blood to the heart do not supply enough blood to the heart muscle. This also slows the heart function. This leads to inadequate blood from other parts of the body or heart muscle.

Abnormal pains 

The main cause of heart attack is the formation of blockages in arteries. The heart muscle does not get enough blood due to these blockages, so it will have to work harder. The person will experience pain, which does not always have to come from the chest. Sometimes the lower jaw pain, neck pain, throat pain, shoulder pain, discomfort, indigestion and the pain in the upper part of the stomach, some also think that as acidity. Women have more symptoms than men. These types of pains are usually ignored, as they do not have any difficulty in the chest. They think that these are common problems. 

Nerves related to the heart, the lower jaw, neck, shoulders, arms and belly nerves, all of these start from the same point in the spinal cord. They are side by side and mixed. Heart pain sometimes expressed as jaw, shoulders, neck and hand pains. They are usually more physically connected. If such pains start when you work, exercise more, and stop in rest or in relaxing, do not neglect such pains. The pains that arise with other problems will not aggravate with physical activity and exercises.

Swelling of legs

It is natural to swell a little when we stand for a long time. But the swelling of the legs often is suspected. Particularly, swelling of legs is coming up, as a new symptom, it should not be ignored. The body’s organs use nutrients and oxygen, through the veins, the blood returns to the heart. If the heart capacity decreases, this process is affected. On one hand, the blood does not come out of the heart completely, on the other hand, blood from the organs does not reach the heart properly. Inflammation of legs begins when the blood from the leg veins to the heart is damaged. Especially in those who have weak heart functioning. Swelling of the legs can also occur in problems like liver, kidney problems, and blocks in the leg veins. This is why many of these are mistaken as symptoms of other problems.

Time to be alert

Treatment is easy if the symptoms of heart disease are detected beforehand. The problems can be anywhere is blood vessels, valves, heart muscle, heart membrane, heart electrical impulses. Treatment depends on the severity of the problem.  

Weakness, other pains, fatigue, swelling of legs, heart palpitation symptoms are found in many types of problems. When should they be suspected to be symptoms of heart disease?

  • Symptoms are worsening with exercise and physical activity, but reduced in rest.
  • When more than one symptom is seen at the same time (e.g. fatigue and swelling of the legs). 
  • Lifestyle diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, smoking, alcoholism.
  • It is advisable to get a regular heart checkup. Only Doctors can check and diagnose the symptoms and the disease. 
  • Not all the symptoms are related to Heart Disease, but be alert and be aware when you need medical attention.

Take care of your heart when it is whispering, before it starts screaming!

Be Happy, Stay Happy, Stay Safe.

Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah

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